AMBIENT: Tape Hiss & Ambient Sounds


AMBIENT: Tape Hiss & Ambient Sounds


Download a copy of AMBIENT: Tape Hiss & Ambient Noises and start bringing new life to your songs right away! 
Pack includes:
- Vintage Reel to Reels hiss (machines includes various available tape speeds)
- Radios, vinyl sounds, vinyl loops. vintage receivers, old speaker noises
- Vintage Walkman cassette hiss (including 1979 first production)
- Nature soundscapes recorded to tape including rain, wind, and fire.
- Microphone hiss (best added to clean midi files)
- Silent room hiss including the TTR studio, large rooms, halls, and churches
- PDF overview of the sample pack

Each file is provided in stereo at 44.100kHz/16bit WAV

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Tape Hiss & Ambient Noise is a must for anyone wanting to add vintage and modern tape hiss to their songs. In a world of low noise microphones, ultra clean preamps, hd converters, and midi... a song can sound extremely sterile. Adding any one of our sampled tape hiss files or room ambience recordings can bring an organic tone to your session, or bring life back to a sterile midi instrument. Collecting and cataloging samples from all over the world, this wide range of magnetic tape machines has been recorded and catalogued for all your ambient and tape hiss needs.

In addition to the tape hiss library, this pack includes samples of vinyls, radios, microphone hiss, silent room hiss, silent studio hiss, silent church hiss, nature soundscapes, and a little bit more!  

"I didn't even know I was making a sound library until I realized how extensive my collection
of tape hiss recordings had become over the years. I use one of these samples in almost every song I produce. And because I made these samples for myself, they are exactly what I need... no extra nonsense"
- Kyle of TTR

Download a copy of "AMBIENT: Tape Hiss & Ambient Noises" and start bringing new life to your songs right away!