Welcome to Tiny Tape Room.
 Owned by producer/engineer Kyle Monroe, the recording studio
is located in East Nashville, TN. This intimate studio includes a live room,
iso booth, control room, and lounge. We use the best of modern
and vintage microphones, outboard gear, and instruments to fit your sound.
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Tiny Tape NEWS!

We are very excited to be releasing the second drum sample library from the Tiny Tape Room. "Indie Essentials Vol. 2" is an in depth, multi-velocity sample library of the legendary 1950s Slingerland Deluxe Ensemble. 

Slingerland Drum Pack Cover.jpg

Indie Essentials - Vol. 2

The 1950s Slingerland Deluxe Ensemble is a signature series 50s drum kit from the legendary Gene Krupa. Each hit was meticulously mixed to be master ready for your next indie, rock, or jazz hit!

Package includes:
- In depth, multi velocity drum sample library
- 225 samples
- 3 different kit mixes to match your project
      (tight, natural, vibe)
- Stick hits, Brush hits, Cymbal pack, Human element pack
- Recorded through a vintage 1970s Trident console
- PDF overview of the sample pack


         The 1950s Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble drum library is a great addition to any producers drum collection. Offering a unique vintage sound, Slingerland Drums was made famous by artists such as Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, ELO & Neil Peart. This drum library highlights the unique timbre of the 50s kit by using a 1970s Trident console and our favorite vintage microphones, preamps, compressors and EQ.

"This kit has the ability to sound like it belongs on the band stand or as the heavy lead to the next The National hit. It’s strange how polished the shells sound with only slight dampening using tea towels. The day after we finished these samples, they were already on the next mix that came through our studio! These sounds are already workhorses in our daily studio life.” - Kyle Monroe

In addition to the shell samples, we have included some other fun hits that can be useful to the songwriting and mixing process. We hope you enjoy the additional cymbal pack (crash, ride, hi-hat) and various drum hits to make your drum sampling as authentic as possible.

Download Indie Essential Vol. 2 - 1950s Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble and add professional drums to your session today!






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