Welcome to Tiny Tape Room.
 Owned by producer/engineer Kyle Monroe, the recording studio
is located in East Nashville, TN. This intimate studio includes a live room,
iso booth, control room, and lounge. We use the best of modern
and vintage microphones, outboard gear, and instruments to fit your sound.
Feel free to contact TTR about producing your next hit!



Recording prices are based on a project by project basis. You can book the TTR at
our day rate of $120 between 8:30am and 5pm (engineer not included), or you can book a project with a fee based on your specific needs. 
(inquire about recording and mixing prices and packages through the contact page)


*Mixing rates vary on project.
Discounted rates apply for independent artists. 
Please include band name, label affiliate, number of tracks and desired time
frame in the contact section


- Mastering "in the box" - $9 a recorded minute
- Analog master (outboard gear and trident console) - $10 a recorded minute
- Analog master + bounce to tape and back - $12 a recorded minute








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Tiny Tape Blog

We are very excited to be adding this blog section to the website so we can share some things we've learned through recording, mixing, and just being alive in general. We encourage you to visit our "contact page" and suggest new topics we should include!


Dithering, and why you should!

"The only thing less exciting than reading educational information about dithering is watching a documentary about the history of long division." However,, if you plan on recording in 48kHz/24bit (or higher) and you intend on exporting your song at 441.kHz/16bit for a CD.... you must dither! 

Using Compression On The Front End.

There are many great ways to make great records and almost all of them involve compression. In this post we will be talking about recording with compression on the front end (while tracking). Remember, this article is what we have found that works for us... not the rule! I hope you give it a try, it might do well in your work flow!



Feel free to contact us about anything!!!
Whether its availability, gear list, rates, or anything else you can think of... please
use the contact box below. If you are an engineer looking to track, mix, or master
at the Tiny Tape Room, please include your date and time preference.  

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