Welcome to Tiny Tape Room.
 Owned by producer/engineer Kyle Monroe, the recording studio
is located in East Nashville, TN. This intimate studio includes a live room,
iso booth, control room, and lounge. We use the best of modern
and vintage microphones, outboard gear, and instruments to fit your sound.
Feel free to contact TTR about producing your next hit!



Recording prices are based on a project by project basis. You can book the TTR at
our day rate of $300 (between 9am and 5pm) with one of our engineers OR as a flat rate per project.
*ask about our different engineers, as we employ multiple engineers for different genres
(inquire about album/EP project and mixing prices and packages through the contact page)


*Mixing rates vary on project
*Discounted rates apply for independent artists. 
*We do our very best to accommodate all budgets and productions.
(Please include band name, label affiliate, number of songs and desired time
frame in the contact section


- Analog master (outboard gear and trident console) - $12 a recorded minute +tax
- Analog master + bounce to tape and back - $15 a recorded minute +tax
- Stem mastering through our Neve master bus - $17 a recorded minute +tax

(we no longer offer the "in the box" master as we feel
it does not deliver the highest quality product our artists deserve) 


- Hired Musicians -
 Remote recordings for your project by studio professionals. This
your chance to have studio professionals create the foundation or special feature on your songs.
(drums, guitar, pedal steel, bass, keys, strings, horns)
Rates based on each musicians hourly price.


Tiny Tape NEWS!

We are very excited to be releasing the first drum sample library from the Tiny Tape Room. "Indie Essentials Vol. 1" is an in depth, multi-velocity sample library of the legendary 1960s Rogers Holiday drum kit. 

Rogers Box

Indie Essentials - Vol. 1

The 1960s Rogers Holiday drum kit is a tried and true classic 60s drum kit. We went to great lengths to bring the unique character of this drum set to a usable sample library. 

Package includes:
- In depth, multi-velocity drum sample library
- Over 130 samples
- 6 different kit mixes to match your project
      (dry, natural, studio, big, vibe, kyle's tape machine)
- Recorded on a vintage 1970s Trident console
- PDF overview of the sample pack
- Each file is provided in stereo at 44.100kHz/16bit WAV


         The 1960s Rogers Holiday drum library is a producers go-to for a vintage, but polished sounding kit. Rogers Drums was made famous by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, and many more. This drum library highlights the unique timbre of the 60s kit by using a 1970s Trident console and our favorite vintage microphones, preamps, compressors and EQ.

"If you listen while standing in front of the drum set, it has a very dark sound, a quick decay, and has no unwanted overtones that can lead to hours of EQ. We wanted to bring those exact characteristics to each sample. This library sounds so natural and takes EQ and compression really well! So if you want something different from the natural vintage sound, it doesn't take long to mold these samples into something new with further EQ and compression." - Kyle Monroe of TTR

In addition to the shell samples, we have included some other fun sounds that can be useful to the songwriting and mixing process. We hope you enjoy the additional claps, crashes, rides, high hats, and various drum hits with loose tambourines.

Download Indie Essential Vol. 1 - 1960s Rogers Holiday Kit and add professional drums to your session today!

Please listen to audio sample for best quality... Best heard on studio monitors or headphones.
Make sure the video clip is set to 720 HD for the best audio and visual.






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Feel free to contact us about anything!!!
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use the contact box below. If you are an engineer looking to track, mix, or master
at the Tiny Tape Room, please include your date and time preference.  

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