2. Finding the building.

When the city said I was unable to work out of my home studio, my first thought was, “How am I not allowed to play music in music city?!?!” and then after a couple days of limitless rage… “how am I going to operate having to pay rent on a studio space AND a mortgage?!” My wife and I figured out what we could responsibly add to our monthly payments and not go bankrupt. Then it was just a matter of finding the right property that was zoned for commercial and general music production. It would seem that properties zoned for commercial in Nashville, TN (music city) would be a dime a dozen… but they are really hard to find!!! If you are in the market make sure the property is zoned CS, CS-A*.

We looked at multiple large warehouses, abandoned supermarkets, basement work areas, and houses zoned for retail, but we couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t require a small fortune in build-out costs. Luckily, we came across a 70s style hair salon on Charlotte Ave that was about to go up for rent, jumped on the phone with their agent and walked through the place the same day. After some negotiations on what we were allowed to modify in the building, we were able to close on the bright pink, 1,200sqf hair salon and start building in the new year!


The first day Beach and I got the keys, I went straight over and tore down the ceiling to what will become Live Room A. In older buildings, it’s tough to tell what you are getting yourself into until you rip out some walls and ceilings and see whats behind it. Someone (we think in the 80s) installed a dropped 8ft drywall ceiling to cover up the old damaged plaster roof from the 1930s. Although the plaster is awful looking, it is 10ft above the floor and we will be able to cover it up and have slanted 10ft ceilings in the two control rooms. The bummer is, we now have two stacked ceilings to rip out in the live room. An 8ft drywall ceiling, a metal scaffold drop system, and a 10ft high plaster and lathe ceiling. Im not sure if you are familiar with plaster, but it is basically cement! Very heavy and difficult to remove safely. Not looking forward to that demo day.


We did happen to have some pleasant surprises in our first couple hours of demo. We found two brick fireplaces that are going to look great in Control Room Left and Live Room A. Cant wait to finish demo on the main rooms, clean up, and start talking sound and design. Please let me know if you think the pink walls should stay….