Producer / Engineer / Songwriter


Credits include:

Atlas & Arrows - Hands
Fever, Fever - Aftermath
Glend Helen - Never Gonna Steal My Love
Golden Youth - Quiet Frame; Wild Light
Golden Youth - The Cabin
Josiah James - Christmas EP
Lindsey Cook - The Other Side
The Local Wave Podcast
Maryanna - Maryanna
Shipwreck Pedro - Mountains
Zakk Uhler - November




Kyle Monroe

Kyle Monroe is an American record producer, songwriter, and musician from Sacramento, CA. After relocating to Nashville, TN in 2013, Kyle built the Tiny Tape Room and is a hub for commercial work, indie records, podcasts and as a professional mixing room. 

Kyle is best known for his work writing and producing the band Golden Youth (Quiet Frame; Wild Light/The Cabin). Arranging orchestral instruments to create the sound the band was known for has drawn indie, folk, and singer songwriter artists to the Tiny Tape Room. Main songwriting features can be found on various NBC/ABC shows and the video game "The Sims"

Primarily working out of his studio, the Tiny Tape Room in East Nashville, Kyle works full time as a producer, engineer and co-writer and is available for scheduling through


Player Credits include:

Golden Youth, Hazel and Vine, Cardboard Kids, Bones Owens, From Indian Lakes, Josiah James, and more.